Sightseeing Cruises : These are offered to various locations from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs.  Contact us for pricing specifics.

  Delivery Services  -  Your vessel can be delivered to the location of your choice on your schedule by a professional crew.    
      Typical Fees :
                          $350-$400 per day for Capt.
                          $150-$200 per day for Mate
                          Crew transportation cost
                          Crew per diem
                          Fuel and dockage costs
                          Owner responsible for vessel

  Captain Services - We provide a Captain to run your vessel so you can relax and enjoy the company of your family or friends.  
     Typical Fee : $400

  Vessel Instruction - We provide a Captain on your vessel to assist you in learning the systems and provide on the water vessel handling instruction.
     Typical Fees : 
                         $275 for 4 hours
                         $450 for 8 hours

  Please contact us for further information.  We look forward to serving you.

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